San Francisco Nightclub Events for June 20th-June 23rd

Our San Francisco Nightclub will be hosting amazingly talented Dj’s, producers and events all weekend long! Come to Audio Friday night to enjoy tracks by Dj and producer, Alex Metric who only picks his music selection based on his own personal connection to the songs. Saturday night Select Entertainment is celebrating their 5 year anniversary and will have Fehrplay on the decks as the main headliner and Sunday you wont want to miss Disco Nights’ party all day long to help them fund-raise for Burning Man featuring Dj’s Anthony Mansfield, Ed Mazur, Galen, Lisbona, Shiny Objects, Sesh, Solar, Tamo. Audio is a 21 and over nightclub located in the SoMa District of San Francisco on 11th street between Folsom and Harrisson St. Interested in learning more about our danceclub? Visit our website at

Friday June 20th 2014, come watch, listen and dance with Dj, Alex Metric at  Audio Nightclub

Dj Alex Metric plays at Audio NightclubIt’s all about the song for Alex Metric. Whether it’s an original track, a remix or producing a band, there has to be a personal connection. If he doesn’t feel it, why would anyone else. “It’s always about making something with real emotion,” says the 28-year-old DJ from London. “My core philosophy is to do whatever’s right for the song and to try and make it have some meaning to me. I put so much love into everything I do.”

You can tell. Alex’s album for Virgin, ‘Open Your Eyes’, collates all three strands of his music output -his own productions such as his recent single ‘Open Your Eyes’ those for other people, see Black Sky by Infadels, and most importantly of all, the best of the string of remixes that have made his name over the last two years. It’s a varied but far from disparate collection. A common thread, that sense of communicating genuine feeling, runs through the album, making sense of the different elements. Buy Tickets. 

Saturday June 21st 2014, If you missed Fehrplay here on NYE, he’s BACK

Musical genius FEHRPLAY headlines SELECT Entertainment’s 5 year anniversary celebration this Saturday!Dj Fehrplay plays at Audio Nigthclub Join us as we look back at the best 5 years of our lives with a massive celebration for the ages. What started out in 2009 as three young guys who loved music, has tunred into something we can really be proud of, but can’t exactly put into words… It’s a feeling. We’ve shared the most amazing memories with our friends and supporters, and we’re speechless at times to see what we do has become an integral part of the San Francisco house music scene.

FEHRPLAY has cemented his name in the lifeblood of progressive house and the global club circuit adding his 360-degree explosion, 2013 proved to be the year that set the young European trailblazer into one of the mos prolific hot streaks to date. He’s carried that into 2014 when he played for us on NYE to beyond packed room and we expect round 2 at Audio to be even more memorable. Buy Tickets. 

Sunday June 22nd 2014, Join our San Francisco Nightclub for our Disco Nights Party

The Disco Knights crew are getting the gang together for an afternoon and early evening dance party! Help us get back to the playa for some proper dirt raving! Happy bday to Tamo and Wendy Watkins!

Featuring DJS Anthony Mansfield, Ed Mazur, Galen, Lisbona, Shiny Objects, Sesh, Solar, Tamo (b’day girl!)